NEW! 2020 VIRTUAL SUMMIT – October 3, 2020, 10am-2pm (EST)

Although our in-person event has been postponed, our plan to offer extraordinary presentations, programs and opportunities to connect, has not! Please join us for our New (FREE) Virtual Summit 2020 on October 3rd, 2020! Mark your calendars for an inspiring LIVE and FREE online event featuring the very same medical & wellness experts that host our in-person symposia and regional events. From What’s New in Research, Treatments and Clinical Trials, Commonly Asked Questions for GBS, CIDP and Variants to Tools for Managing Stress, Youth & Teens with GBS|CIDP and Yoga from Your Chair, we will be offering live virtual programming throughout the entire Virtual Summit from 10am-2pm (EST). Registration now open. For more information see our Virtual Summit Brochure.

REGISTER HERE > 宛に空のメールを送ると、患者の会からのお知らせメールが届くようになります。


医師が患者になって初めてわかった 実際に役立つ“患者術”